5 things that influence your health insurance


Contrary to popular belief, health insurance policies are not a foolproof system. Applicants can negotiate with insurance companies and, better yet, companies are also willing to compromise their customers. Before doing so, however, people need to know what factors they can use to achieve the desired results for their policy.

For those who wish to reduce their premiums or adjust the circumstances in their favor, the following 5 elements must be taken into account when applying for medical insurance.

Habits and vices

People who play extreme sports or who smoke and drink usually should be prepared for higher prices. This makes sense since people with vises are more likely to contract illnesses that can land them in hospitals. The great thing about this is that smoking and drinking are fairly easy to control. By simply stopping these habits, people would find themselves benefiting from lower rates for their medical insurance.


As studies show, overweight people are more likely to contract various illnesses, from diabetes to heart disease. For this reason, insurance companies are more reluctant to offer them lower interest rates since the possibility of charging is greater than most.


Unfortunately, no one can do anything against these two factors. Women are said to be healthier than men and therefore less prone to health problems. So women, especially those at the top, usually experience the best rates.

Family history

Family history is a great indicator of any illness the person may have in the future. This is why insurance companies are so comprehensive to the point of asking for information about someone’s loved ones. Families with a history of cancer, heart disease or diabetes may experience higher rates than those without one. The closer the contractor’s relatives, the greater the impact on the overall results.


Young people are less likely to get sick and there are better candidates for health insurance. This is why young people are advised today to take out health insurance policies as soon as they are financially capable. In this way, they could benefit from lower rates for their policies.

Of course, these are not the only factors that can influence a person’s health insurance. The good news is that while some of them may be out of a person’s control, there are still things they can work on. Depending on how a person acts, it is entirely possible that they will experience excellent rates for themselves and their family.

How To Get Better Health Insurance Rates

The trick to getting better health insurance rates is simple: stay healthy. Insurance companies are more likely to be flexible when they find that their applicants are in top condition and have very little chance of filing a complaint. The great thing here is that it is a situation in which everyone wins. Individuals can benefit from low insurance rates and at the same time be protected from health problems.